ElsaBeauty is the result of a dream, until the dream became a life choice.

For many years I was a professional in marketing and international distribution, first in fashion and then in cosmetics.

For work, I travelled around the world, got to know different cultures and ways of life, without ever cutting myself off from my roots, which are the real foundations of my essence.

Having grown up in contact with nature and with animals, I could not live without either of them, which is something I have noticed many other people share.

Meticulousness and the search for tangible results are my characteristics, and the sense of ethics is an element of principle that runs through all my decisions.

This is how my dream began: to create a line of Dermocosmetics for pets which combined total respect for the environment both in the Organic formulas and in the 100% recycled PET bottles, with very high quality and real and visible effects. The dream became a decision and a reality with ElsaBeauty.

My puppy Elsa is the muse inspiring the name.

Thanks to the collaboration with Roberto Bonfanti, a well-known cosmetologist who for over 30 years has formulated Organic cosmetics which guarantee truly exceptional results, a line that is unique of its kind has come into being.

All the products are, first of all, “conceived” to prevent, solve and avoid the appearance of various dermatological problems in our furry friends.

Then they are formulated ONLY WITH ORGANIC ACTIVE INGREDIENTS, used in the highest concentration  that can guarantee the desired results.

Total respect of the environment continues up to final production, in every phase, and following the same standards as those in force for human cosmetics, but which are non-existent for animals.

I benefit from the clinical support of vets specialized in dermatology, ophthalmology and animal behaviour, as well as the experience of excellent animal groomers.

ElsaBeauty: first a dream, now a life choice for me and for all those who will appreciate these products.

Nicoletta Casanova