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  • ElsaBeauty on PET B2B

    Pet B2B, the magazine for professionals in the sector of products for pet food and care, devotes a space to the ElsaBeauty Hygienizing Dermoprotective Shampoo amongst the products in its showcase, in its March 2021 Look at the magazine.

  • ElsaBeauty on ZAMPOTTA

    Essential oils for the care and cleansing of our pets’ coats. Lavender with a hygienizing action, nourishing St John’s wort, antiseptic bergamot, softening yarrow and moisturizing honey: the high concentration of 100% organic active ingredients in the Hygienizing Dermoprotective Shampoo by ElsaBeauty, Florence, cleans our dog’s coat without altering the lipid balance of the skin,…

  • ElsaBeauty on PUNTOEFFE

    Tips for the pharmacist. The revolution in dermocosmesis for pets, the solution to a problem of your four-footed friend, not just a grooming product: ElsaBeauty Hygienizing Dermoprotective Shampoo. Read the publication.

  • ElsaBeauty on L’ARCA DI NOÈ

    Pet Pampering. With its high concentration of 100% organic active ingredients, the Hygienizing Dermoprotective Shampoo by ElsaBeauty cleans your pet’s coat without altering the lipid balance of the skin. Look at the publication.

  • ElsaBeauty su IL MIO CANE

    ElsaBeauty è partner di Il Mio Cane, il nuovo portale per tutti gli amanti degli amici a quattro zampe. Guarda qui.

  • ElsaBeauty on VIVERSANI & BELLI

    Our pets can also be delicate and suffer from redness and irritation. Products with a pH of 5, ideal to clean their coat and, with extracts of plants such as St John’s wort and essential oils, which purify and hygienize, in the respect of the balance of their skin, are suitable. Read the article.

  • ElsaBeauty on FARMACISTA33

    The revolution in Dermocosmesis for Pets – Elsabeauty The solution to a problem of your four-footed friend, not just a simple grooming product. The ElsaBeauty Hygienizing Dermoprotective Shampoo, enriched with Essential Oils of Lavender, Marjoram and Oregano, has a pH of 5.0, ideal to sanitize your pets’ coats, preventing potential dangers of transmission to you.…

  • ElsaBeauty on MIO

    The organic line of dermocosmesis for them. ElsaBeauty is the first and exclusive line of organic dermocosmetics for pets: a new way of approaching the relationship with our pets, “protect them as you protect yourself”. Read the article

  • “Launch of the ElsaBeauty line” webinar

    Elsabeauty was launched to the press at a webinar on 21 January 2021, with a high attendance by journalists. The uniqueness of the line and its purpose aroused great interest. For ElsaBeauty the speakers were: Dr Nicoletta Casanova (Owner), Dr Carlo Poretti (veterinary surgeon specialized in Dermatology), and Dr Barbara Torlasco (technical consultant), Dott.ssa Cristina…

  • ElsaBeauty on VANITY FAIR

    Because the same rules that we apply to ourselves, based on the health and well-being of the skin, have to apply to them as well. The era of the “clean” approach for our pets as well has begun. Having dogs and cats that are clean and smell nice is definitely something that many pet-owners want.…